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Dominik Ganic
Founder & Creator, UI Development & Design, Website Development, Social Media
I'm a full stack developer from germany with croatian roots. I came across IT and software development with the age of 12 years when I've written my first "Hello World" application in .NET C#. Since then I've discovered a lot of different areas in developing desktop software, websites and smartphone applications. Summarized I'm a full stack developer with over 10 years experience, a great passion and creativity working on awesome projects like eliteKit.
Christian Hofbauer
UI Development & Design, Website Development
I'm a 23 year old software developer from Germany. I started developing software 8 years ago when I've made my first mini application. Since then I've fallen in love with software development and quickly turned my hobby into my current profession. I've participated in various projects for web, desktop, app and game development.
Ricardo Vasquez
UI Development & Design, Security & Core logic
I am a 28 years Full-Stack developer from Mexico with more than 7 years of experience. I have participated in a wide variety of big projects with many big and small companies; The more projects I make, the better I get in doing what I do. I consider myself a very Open Source person and love to contribute with my knowledge and expertise whenever i can.
Geoff Webber-Cross
UI Development & Design, Security & Core logic
Geoff Webber-Cross has over 16 years software development experience, working in a variety of sectors on Windows, Web and Mobile Applications. He has worked on XAML/MVVM applications since the days of Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 and has been building Xamarin apps commercially for a number of years.
Michael Betz
Michael Betz is a german Social Media and Marketing talent, who works within his own ideas. Found his own way into IT when he was a child. Now he's mainly involved in Software and Blockchain related Projects as an Social Media Specialist and Community Manager.
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Create beautiful Xamarin Forms apps with eliteKit.
A collection of a lot UI elements made in SkiaSharp.
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